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Skeeter Thomassie

Put Back The Pieces (CD-R)

(Put Back The Pieces / Release Me / Hearts Made Of Stone / Sweet Dreams / House Of Memories / The Girl I Left Behind / Try Rock And Roll / Hurt / I Can't Help It / Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy / Look At Us / Would You)

Swamp Jam 01



Brad Sapia

Almost Home (CD-R)

(Don't You Know How Much I Love You / Someone Lke You / Help Me Hold On / Feel So Good / Just You And Me / Almost Home / Baby I Don't Know / I Want To Walk You Home / Good Directions / Somebody's Needing Somebody / Soul Man / If You Need Me / Mountain Of Love / Boardwalk Angel)

Swamp Jam 07



Duane Schurb

THE Best of Duane Schurb – Volume 1

(Too Blind To See / Talkin’ To The Wall / Show Me / Swamp Pop Oldies / Come On Home / Let's Talk About Memories / The Jamaica / Don't Close the Door / Your Love / I'll Come Runnin’ / The Flame Keeps Burnin’ / She Said Goodbye)

Swamp Jam 10



Duane Schurb & Memories featuring Alexa Mesa

I Love Swamp Pop Music (CD-R)

(Short Fat Fannie / Nothing But Lies / My Love Is True / I Love Swamp Pop Music / New Orleans / Nothing Sweet As You / Wall Flower / I Caught You Cheating On me / Let Me Go Lover / The Door Is Still Closed / Down Home Girl / I Was A Fool / Keep On Keepin On / She Said Goodbye / Young Blood / I Love The USA)

Swamp Jam 04



Duane Schurb

THE Best of Duane Schurb – Volume 2

(Nothing But Lies / My Love Is True / I Love Swamp Pop Music / The Door Is Still Closed / Keep On Keepin’ On / The Man Is A Legend / We Go Together / I Love Jamaica Music / Lost Love / Straight Up / Never Hear From You / Ring On My Finger)

Swamp Jam 11



Duane Schurb

THE Best of Duane Schurb – Volume 3

(The Ultimate Crime / I Don't Know What's Wrong / My Little Woman / Love Changes / Come Back To Me / We Made A Vow / I'm Lost Without You / Walkin’ and Talkin’ / Family Plan / Turn Around / Don't Talk To The Hand / Another Legend)

Swamp Jam 13



Duane Schurb

Duane & Friends (CD-R)

(The Ultimate Crime / I Don't Know What's Wrong / My Little Woman / Love Changes / Come Back To Me / We Made A Vow / I'm Lost Without You / Walkin' & Talkin' / Family Plan / Turn Around / Don't Talk To The Hand / Another Legend / At Last / Hittin' On Nothin')

Swamp Jam 06



Duane Schurb

Time Flew By (CD-R)

(Time Flew By / About You / My Dream / My Little Honey / What's New With You Today / We'll Play The Blues / Stop That Lying / Shut Up And Drink / Can't Take Your Love Away / The Last One To Know / I Heard You're Getting Married / Dancing Too Fast / You Won't Be Here On Christmas Day / Let's Keep Christ In Christmas / Merry Christmas Baby)

Swamp Jam 05



Creole Soul featuring Brad Sapia

Tell Her One More Time For Me (CD-R)

(Tell Her One More Time For Me / If I Had No Loot / Favorite Dress / I Ain't Missing You / No More Troubles / She Thinks I Still Care / My House Of Memories / We're Having A Party / Stuck On You / Promised Land / I Just Got Started Loving You / Zydeco Shoes / Darling If I Had You / St. James Infirmary)

Swamp Jam 08



Various Artists

Best of The Westbank - Swamp Jam Vol. 1

(Swamp Pop Oldies (Duane Schurb) / Who Shot The La La (Jake Chimento) / Put Back The Pieces (Skeeter Thomassie) / Hey Little Girl (Mark Ordoyne) / Just Because (Brian Melancon) / I'll Never Love Again (Aaron Foret) / Thrill Upon A Hill (Wayne Foret) / Just A Moment (Ronnie Boudreaux) / Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Will Cooper) / Just Me And You (Brad Sapia) / Hey Good Looking (Brandon Foret) / Kiss And Say Goodbye (Junior Lacrosse) / Walking The Dog (Lil Dino) / I Love You Yes I Do (Ryan Foret) / Dan The Man From Westwego (Duane Schurb))

Swamp Jam 09



Duane Schurb

THE same old me

(Get Lost / I Want You To Know / Tight Mini Skirt / Happy Anniversary / Now I'm Losing You / I Do My Best Thinkin', When I'm Drinkin’ / The Same Old Me / Solitaire / Why You Treat Me Like You Do / Why Did You Go / Yes You Did / You're Wrong / Stop Building Bridges)

Swamp Jam 12



Various Artists

Best of the Westbank - Swamp Jam Vol. II

(Be My Guest (Aaron Foret) / Fall Apart (Brandon Foret) / No No (Wayne Foret) / What Is Your Name (Ryan Ford) / I Don't Want No Woman (Ronnie Boudreaux) / Someone Like You (Brad Sapia) / On Bended Knees (Brian Melancon) / Lil Mary (Mark Ordoyne) / Golden Tear (Lil Dino) / Try Rock And Roll (Skeeter Thomassie) / You Don't Know Me (Joe Carl) / One Night Of Sin (Duane Schurb) / Tough Enough (Jake Chimento) / Your Friend That's All (Junior Lacrosse) / Rainy Night In Georgia (Hector Nieves) / Woulda Shoulda Coulda (Lil Will & Dem))

Swamp Jam - Best Of 2



DUANE SCHURB & company


(From Do Wop To Swamp pop / Tell Me Why / The Stranger / You're Mine Tonight / I'll Never Know / Why You Treat Me Like You Do / I'll Never Let You Go / Why You Runnin Around On Me / Momma / Like I Love You / My Little Friend / One And Only Love / Girl You Can Dance / Our Love Games / Oh Yes I Do / Back In The Day)




(Before I Grow Too Old / Going Home Tomorrow / Holy One / Saving My Love For You / It's Too Late / No No / Just Love Me Cherry / My Heart Is Bleeding Inside / Nothing Takes The Place Of You / Poor Boy / Oldies Melody / Seven Days / Troubles Of My Own / Since I Met You Baby / Wait And See)



Various Artists


(Girl You Can Dance / The Walk / If I Had No Loot / I Heard That Story Before / Put On Your Dancing Shoes / Blood Shot Eyes / I’ll Walk Alone / Westwego Stroll / Rock Rock & Roll / Baby Please / The Girl I Left Behind / My Black Cadilac / Life Problems / Valley of Tears / Shaky Ground / Looking For A Fool / Singing the Blues / Bonie Maronie / If I Ever Need A Lady / The Bottle Let Me Down / I’d Rather Go Blind)



Lil Dino

Golden Tear (CD-R)

(Golden Tear / Hold On I'm Coming / Out Of Sight and On My Mind / Ain’t Got No Home / Grand Tour / Darlene / I'll Walk Alone / Loving Cajun Style / Hurt / Fever / Letter To An Angel / The Love I Have For You)

Swamp Jam 03



Mark Ordoyne

Put On Your Dancing Shoes (CD-R)

(Hey Little Girl / You Send Me / C C Rider / Talk To Me / She Put The Hurt On Me / I'm Asking Forgiveness / You Better Move On / Sometimes I Cry / You Upset Me Baby / Colour My World / Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me / The Joke / You Wrong Me Right / Put On Your Dancing Shoes / Lil Mary)

Swamp Jam 02