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beats by the pound /

the medecine men

Live From The Infirmary Vol. 1

(Intro (Gregory D) / Holla At Me (KLC featuring Mystikal, Calicoe and B.G.) / Ode Soldiers (KLC featuring Biz, Reep and Calicoe) / I’m A Soldier (Calicoe) / Down For My Niggas (Calicoe) / No Title (Calicoe featuring Reep) / Down South (Fiend) / Move Bitch (Calicoe) / Make Um Say  (Calicoe featuring Mr. Serv on) / U Got It (Calicoe) / Break Bread (KLC featuring Soulja Slim and B.G.) / It Ain’t My Fault 2 (Calicoe) / Pussy Crook (Calicoe) / Swamp Nigga (Calicoe) / Fist Up (Reep featuring Biz) / Iphuwanna (Mo B. Dick) / Bout It  (Calicoe featuring Mr. Serv On and Reep) / Thug Girl (Calicoe) / Hot Boyz (Reep featuring Calicoe) / Weed And Hennessy (Reep featuring Calicoe) / No Place Like Home (KLC featuring Mannie Fresh) / Soldier Funk (Calicoe) / Child Support Intro (Byou2ful) / Child Support (Byou2ful) / Don’t Talk To Me (Mugsy featuring Reep and Calicoe))



calicoe the champ

ground hog day

(Happy Groundhog Day / Hit Me / Skit / Ain't Gotta Chance 1 / Show Yo Titts / Deep N Da South / Day Dream / Reepin My Block / Ridin Thru ATL / Dreams / Welcome 2 Da Ghetto / Play It Loud / Complex Occupation / Who / Get A Lil / No Place Like Home / Diamonds R Wreckless / Gangstafied / Dope Money / Welcome 2 Da South / Dog / Stunttin Iz A Habbit / Back Yard Party / Celebration)



calicoe the champ

the bold and the beautiful

(Intro / I Choose You / I Done Came Up / Baretta AK’s / Mickey Mallorie / Beautiful Tragedy / All I Need / Crack Lady / It’s A Rap / Streets On Lock / Half A Brick / So Hood / Complex Occupation / All A Dream / Strip ‘Em Down / Going For Mine / Great Escape)



various artists

Grand Theft Audio (Tha Mixtape)

(I’ont Like You (Remix) (Mystikal Featuring Calicoe The Champ & Fiend) / I’m Back (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Byou2ful) / 3-Hundred-65 (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry & Fetti) / I’ont Hide (Fiend Featuring Mr. Serv-On, Mia X & Calicoe The Champ) / Racin’ After Cash (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry) / Legal (KLC Featuring Fiend & Calicoe The Champ) / Some Of Those (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Fetti) / Talk 2 Me (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Janelle) / Chokin’ On (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry) / Rollin’ With The Heat (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry, Slim Reep & Carrington Spitz) / Here We Go (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Mystikal) / Feeling Good (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry) / Go ‘Head (Mystikal Featuring Calicoe The Champ) / 2 Young Bitches (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry & Chetta) / Come Here Baby (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Byou2ful) / Bring It Over Here (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Dirty Harry) / Fuck You Motherfucker (Calicoe The Champ Featuring Byou2ful) / Melts N Ya Mouth)