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various artists

A Sampler Of Louisiana Folksongs

(Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Abe Davis) / To My Seat Set Down (Mrs Samanthia Holmes) / Wasn't That An Awful Day In Natchez (Robert Gilmore) / Settin' Side Dat Road Wid A Ball An' Chain In My Leg (Godar Chalvin) / Anons Au Bal Colinda (Godar Chalvin) / Allons Danser, Colinda (Wallace "Cheese" Reed, Cyprien Landrino, Alton Landrino, Mrs Rodney Frugé) / Oh Cam, Anons Couper EineTite Polka (Lafayette Jarreau) / Mes Amis à La Table Ronde (Caesar Vincent) / Travailler C’est Trop Dur (Caesar Vincent) / Mon Aimable Catin (Caesar Vincent) / Trois Jolis Dragons (Mrs Alma Bartholomew) / C’est La Sainte Marguerite (Mrs Alma Bartholomew) / La Chanson De Mariage (Mrs Alma Bartholomew) / La Chanson Du Mardi Gras (Terry Clement, Laurent Clement, Grant Paul Clement) / Devinez Ce Qu’il A Dans Ces Beaux Bois (Mrs Joseph Gutekunst) / There Was A Flower In A Garden (John P. Brashears) / Dandoo (David Lewis) / Didn’t He Ramble? (David Lewis) / The House Carpenter (John P. Brashears) / Weevily Wheat (Mrs Catherine Brookshire Blanchet) / Choose Your Love As We Go Round (Mrs Catherine Brookshire Blanchet))

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Harry Oster

Jambalaya – Louisiana Folksong

(Trois Joilis Dragons / C'est La Sainte Marguerite / Chanson De Mariage / Jamais Je T'oublierai / Boll Weevil / Sugar In The Gourd / Tone Your Bell / Our Little School / Race Of The Natchez And The Lee / Carrying Sacks / John Henry / Fomme-La Dit Mo Malheure / J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte / Allons Danser Colinda / Danse De Mardi Gras / Pretty Fair Maid-Maiden / Cambric Shirt / Four In The Middle)

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Robert Pete Williams,

Guitar Welch,

Hogman Maxey

angola prisoners’ blues

(Levee Camp Blues (Robert Pete Williams) / Prisoner's Talking Blues (Robert Pete Williams) / Motherless Children Have A Hard Time (Robert Pete Williams) / Some Got Six Months (Robert Pete Williams) / I'm Lonesome Blues (Robert Pete Williams) / Stagolee (Hogman Maxey) / Black Night Fallin' (Hogman Maxey) / Electric Chair Blues (Guitar Welch) / I'm Gonna Leave You Mama (Guitar Welch))

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various artists

Folksongs Of The Louisiana Acadians

(Grand Texas (Chuck Guillory) / Colinda (Wallace "Cheese" Read) / Tu Peux Cogner (Mrs. Odeus Guillory) / La Patate Chaude (Mrs. Rodney Fruge) / Je Charche Tout Partout (Wallace "Cheese" Read) / T'es Petite, Mais T'es Mignonne (Wallace "Cheese" Read) / La Danse De La Limonade (Mrs. Rodney Fruge) / La Betaille Dans Le 'Tit Arbre (Isom J Fontenot) / Grand Mamou (Savy Augustine) / La Danse De Mardi Gras (Bee Deshotels) / Mes Souliers Sont Rouges (Bee Deshotels) / Contredanse Francaise (Isom J. Fontenot) / Y Avait Boitine Boiteuse (Bee Deshotels) / Aux Natchitoches (Bee Deshotels) / Contredanse De Mamou (Shelby Vidrine) / Saute Crapeau (Isom J. Fontenot) / Cadet Roussel (Isom J. Fontenot) / L'Arbre Est Dans Ces Feuilles (Bee Deshotels) / J'ai Traverse La Mer Et Les Montagnes (Isom J. Fontenot))

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various artists

Prison Worksongs

(Berta (Rodney Mason, Rev. Rogers & Roosevelt Charles) / Take This Hammer (Guitar Welch, Hogman Maxey & Andy Mosley) / Stewball (Rev. Rogers, Rodney Mason & Smith) / Five Long Years for One Man (Odea Mathews) / Alberta Let Your Bangs Grow Long (Guitar Welch, Hogman Maxey & Andy Mosley) / I Had Five Long Years (James Russel & Gang) / Early In The Mornin' (Johnny Butler & Gang) / All Teamed Up in Angola's Mule Lot (Roosevelt Charles, Davis & Rodney Mason) / I Got a Hurtin' In My Right Side (Willy Rafus & Gang) / Let Your Hammer Ring (Rodney Mason, Willy Rafus & Davis) / Cleaning This Highway (Willy Rafus, Andy Mosley & Johnny Butler) / John Henry (Guitar Welch, Hogman Maxey & Robert Pete Williams) / Something Within Me (Odea Mathews) / Jesus Cares (Murray Macon))

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various artists

Angola Prison Spirituals
(I'm On My Way (Andy Mosely & Robert Pete Williams) / Church On Fire With The Word Of God (Robert Pete Williams) / What Shall I Do (Robert "Guitar" Welch) / Brother Norah (Angola Quartet) / Little School Song (Tom Dutson & Robert Pete Williams) / Dyin' Soul (Robert Pete Williams) / Let My People Go (Roosevelt Charles) / So Much Is Happenin' In The News (Robert Pete Williams) / Dig My Grave With A Silver Spade (Tom Dutson & Robert Pete Williams) / Brother Mosely Crossed The Water (Andy Mosely & "Hogman" Maxey) / I'm Stranded On The Banks Of Jordan (Angola Quartet No. 2) / I'm Goin' Back With Him When He Comes (Robert Pete Williams) / The Old Ship Of Zion (Rev. Benjamin E. Osborne))

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