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various artists

Louisiana Chanky-Chank (édité également en LP)

(Fais Do Do (Shirley Bergeron) / Life Of A Musician (Lulu Cormier) / Now It's Over (Link Davis Jr.) / Went To The Dance (Maw Maw Theriot) / D&W Special (Donald Thibodeaux & Wilbur Cormier) / La Valse De La Belle (Shirley Bergeron) / The Liettle Mule (Nathan Fontenot) / Eunice Breakdown (Donald Thibodeaux & Wilbur Cormier) / Madeline (Link Davis Jr.) / Friendly Lounge Two Step (Gervais Hanks) / Waltz Of The Past (Shirley Bergeron) / New Flame Of Hell (Lulu Cormier) / My Family And Me (Donald Thibodeaux & Wilbur Cormier) / Shawn's Sauce Picquante Special (Shawn Saucier) / Madame Boso (Shirley Bergeron))



Roy Carrier

Joe Walker

Soulful Side of Zydeco

So Far So Good (Joe Walker) / Rocking With Roy (Roy Carrier) / When I Get To Know You Better (Joe Walker) / Same Old Place (Roy Carrier) / Zydeco All Night (Joe Walker) / Show Me How To Love (Roy Carrier) / Love And Hate (Joe Walker) / Zydeco Lawtell (Roy Carrier) / Daddy's Dream (Joe Walker) / I Found A Love (Roy Carrier) / Business In The Street (Joe Walker) / My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes (Roy Carrier) / Outside Man (Joe Walker) / Everybody's Picking On Me (Roy Carrier) / Let Me Be Your Man (Joe Walker)




Zydeco Fever

(Zydeco Fever  / Whats Wronge With You / I'm Not That Kind Of Man / Cross My Heart To Die / I Like What You Give / Old Time Two Step / Calling In Sick / You Dance So Good / For No Good Reason / I Believe In You / Hard Working Women / I Cant Get Enough)




In The Dog house

(I'm In The Dog House / Couche Couche and Ky-Yay / Bullet Through The Heart / Give Me What I Want / I Left My Home / Watch That Black Cat / Tante Sarah / I Screwed Up / I'd Like To Put My Hand On That / Seen It For Myself / Keep On Pushing Me / Mom And Pop Waltz)



various artists

The LANOR Record Story – 1960-1992

(J'ai Fait Mon Ede'e (Shirley Bergeron) / Parlez Vous Français (Bill Matte) / I Love My Baby (The Eltradors) / Life Problem (Elton Anderson) / Can't Stop My Loving You (Little Victor) / Drifting Cloud (Drifting Charles) Keep Your Arms Around Me (Charles Mann) / You're No Longer Mine (Charles Mann) / I'll Be Your Jim (Willie Mallory / Running Out Of Fools (Hugh Boynton) / Love Don't Love Nobody (Ella Brown) / Red Red Wine (Charles Mann) / Crazy Face (Jay Randall) / Hot Hot Lips (Ralph Prescott) / I Found My Woman (Roy Carrier) / Chewing Gum (Donald Jacob) / Walk Of Life (Charles Mann) / Accordion Players Waltz (Tim Broussard) / Drop That Ego (Generation) / Zydeco All Night (Joe Walker) / My Name Is Beau Jocque (Beau Jocque))





Réédition de 2007



Roy Carrier

At His Best

(You Better Watch Out / Backbone Zydeco / I'm Coming Home to Stay / What You Gonna Do (With a Man Like That) / Stop Fussing Me / Bird Without His Feathers / Stroking / Roy's In Town / She's Naked / Leaving Lawtell / New York City / Tequila / Oh Bye Bye / My Baby Wants To Leave Me)





Front Porch Cajun Music

(Gravel Road / Going Out Two Stepping To / Animal Cajun Band / Not Knowing What Tomorrow / Another Hot Potato / Valse De K L F Y / All of My Tomorrows / Cajun Cousin Special / Valse De Kaplan / Forefather's Waltz / Cajun From Church Point / Dans Le Chagrin / Saturday Night Waltz / Caillier Special)