Trick Bag



12:00 o'clock at night - you walk out the door.

You told me baby - you were going to the drugstore.

Well, in my mind, I knew you were lying;

The drug-store closed at a-quarter-to-nine.

I say I saw you kissung Jimmy across the fence,

I heard you telling Jimmy I ain't got no sense.

The way you've been acting is such a drag;

You done put me in a trick bag.


Well I come home; start an argument;

Just to keep me from asking where my woodoo went.

Peep out the front door - I hear the back-door slam.

I peek out of my window - somebody's talking on the lam.

We had a fight, then you got mad;

Got on the telephone - called your mum and dad.

Dad said : "She's my daughter and I'm her pa,

And you ain't nothing but a son-in-law".


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