Junco Parner



Down the road came a junco partner

Boy he was loaded as can be

He was knocked out loaded

H wase wobbling all over the street


Singing six month ain't no sentence

Yeh and one year ain't no time

I was born in Angola

Serving fourteen to ninety-nine


Well I wish I Had me 1000000 dollars

Just one million to cal my own

I would raise me (grow for me baby !)

A tobacco road take a walk…


When I had me a great deal of money

Had mighty friends all over town

But now I ain't got no more money

All of my good friends just put me down


So I've got to pawn my ratchett & pistol

Yeh I gotta pawn my watch & chain

I would have pawn my sweet gabriella

But the smart girl would not sign her name


I'm down I'm getting thirsty

O the mighty good beer when I'm dry

Give Whiskey when I'm thirsty

Give me head stone when I die


Down the road…



Quelques autres versions…



Roland Stone

Medical School - The early sessions of Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack (1999) ;

le titre de la chanson était Down The Road (1961).

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(qui contient également une deuxième prise différente)

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