NYNO Records

Discographie détaillée




Allen Toussaint

(Pure Uncut Love / Do the Do / Computer Lady / Get Out of My Life, Women / We're All Connected / Sweet Dreams / Funky Bars / Ahya / If I Leave / Aign Nyee / In Your Love / Oh My / All of It / Wrong Number / Rolling With the Punches)



Amadee Castenell

(Just Like You / In the Hood / Crystal / Always There For You / Angels / Amacasino / You Dirty F Minor, You / Buda / The End of the Day / Shine / Alley Cat Strut / Maui Moon)



Wallace Johnson

Whoever's Thrilling You
(This Night Belongs to You / Don't Make Me Beg / Whoever's Thrilling You, is Killing Me / Knockin' / Write My Baby a Letter / Let's Take a Ride / Something's Wrong / I'll Take Care of You / Miss Thang / I Can Stop / Better Weather Next Time / I'm Your Man)



The New Birth Brass Band

(Mardi Gras in New Orleans / D-Boy / You Got Yours / Spread Your Legs / Whoopin' Blues / I Ate Up the Apple Tree / Smoke that Fire / Jesus on the Main Line (Tell Him What You Want) / Ms. Lollipop / Shakin' That Ass / Li'l Liza Jane / Caribbean Second Line)



Larry Hamilton

Larry Hamilton
(Don't Through This Love Away / Back Rub / You Make it Hard / Don't Stop Loving Me / Love is a Two Way Thing / Hope it's Not Too Late / The Love We Lost / Still the One / The Best is Love / You've Got That Thing / You Can Have it Your Way / It's So Hard to Say Goodbye)



Raymond Myles

with the rams

Heaven Is the Place
(Jesus Is the Baddest Man in Town (Anthony Bailey, Raymond Anthony Myles, Vanessa Thomas) / Heaven Is the Place I Want to Be (Raymond Anthony Myles) / Walk in the Light (Raymond Anthony Myles) / Medley : Jesus Unhooked the Chains/Perfect Peace/Dear Jesus I Love You (Eunice Green, Raymond Anthony Myles, Toney Smith) / Walk in Jerusalem (Anthony Bailey, Raymond Anthony Myles) / Ride on, King Jesus (Anthony Bailey) / Hallelujah (Trina Dyson, Raymond Anthony Myles, Kareem Taplet, Nancy Victor) / Marching to Zion (Raymond Anthony Myles) / Praises/Use Me, Lord (James Bolton, Raymond Anthony Myles) / More from the Medley (Raymond Anthony Myles))



Grace Darling

Imaginary Lover
(I'll Go with You / Speak of the Devil / You're My Imaginary Lover / Going Nowhere Fast / Sally on a Streetcar / Voodoo Doll / Getting Over You / What Lovers Do / Ring Dang Do / Hit the Road)



Allen Toussaint

A New Orleans Christmas
(Christmas This Year (Larry Hamilton) / We Three Kings (Raymond Myles) /New Year's Resolution (Larry Hamilton & Tricia Boutté) / Santa's Second Line (New Birth Brass Band) / Silent Night, Holy Night (Allen Toussaint) / Christmas Comes But Once A Year (Wallace Johnson) / Christmas In New Orleans (James Andrews) / Jingle Bells (New Birth Brass Band) / O Holy Night (Raymond Myles) / The Christmas Song (Wallace Johnson) / Winter Wonderland (Allen Toussaint) / Do You Hear What I Hear (Tricia Boutté) / Merry Christmas, Baby (Grace Darling))



James Andrews

Satchmo Of The Ghetto
(Poop Ain't Gotta Scuffle No More / Last Night On The Back Porch / Latin Cats / Sweet Emma / Going For The Money / Got Me A New Love Thing / Banana Boogie / Catch The Willie / It's Only A Paper Moon / Your Mama Don't Dance / The Old Rugged Cross)



Cool Riddims & Sista Teedy

Pledge to My People
(Thanks And Praise / I Can't Keep It To Myself / Betcha By Golly Wow / Music All Around / Untitled / Brother / Made For Us / Babylon System / Pledge To My People / Each One Teach One)



Oliver Morgan

I'm Home
(It's All About You / I Gotcha / Honey I'm Home / We All Like Our Own Kind / That's What My Heart Needs / Be Good To You / Ya Ya / I Love Rythem & Blues / I'm Busy / In The Pocket)



Lil' Buck Sinegal

Buck Starts Here
(Run Down Cadillac / Winding Roads & Pine Trees / If You Want Me to Leave / Line Dancer / Don't Tell Me About Down / Sleepwalk / Standing in the Rain / Buckin' for Your Love / Show Me Good / Every Man Needs a Home / Blues into Zydeco / You Gotta Do Everything I Say / This Road / Double X / Buck's Time Out)



Amadee Castenell

Sax Dreams
(Night Vision / I Wouldn't Mind / If I / Would You Be My Sweetie / Raggedy Funk / Catch Me / No Clue / Fish / Mojo Mama / Mumbo Gumbo)



Raymond Myles with the rams

Heaven Is the Place
(Jesus is the Baddest Man in Town : Medley (Jesus Unhooked the Chains, Perfect Peace, Dear Jesus I Love You, God is Just a Prayer Away) / Walk in Jerusalem / Heaven is the Place I Want to Be / Walk in the Light / Ride on King Jesus / Hallelujah / More from the Medley / We Three Kings / O Holy Night)



Allen Toussaint & friends

A taste of New Orleans
(We're All Connected (Allen Toussaint) / Got Me A New Love Thing (James Andrews) / Jesus Is The Baddest Man In Town (Raymond Myles) / Music All Around (Cool Riddims & Sista Teedy) / Always There For You (Amadee Castenell) / Back Rub (Larry Hamilton) / I'll Go With You (Grace Darling) / Whoever's Thrilling You (Is Killing Me) (Wallace Johnson) / Smoke That Fire (New Birth Brass Band) / If You Want Me To Leave (Paul "Lil' Buck" Sinegal) / It's All About You (Oliver Morgan) / Sweet Dreams (Allen Toussaint featuring Tricia Boutté))