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night train to new orleans

(I'm Still in Love With You (Alonzo Stewart) / Cold Bear The Gaturs () / Runnin' and Foolin' (Joe & Ann) / Whole Lotta Twisting (Professor Longhair) / Crazy Crazy Feeling (Kings of Swing) / Daddy O Rock (Jeff Daniels) / One Thrill Fool  (The Gaturs with Willie Tee) / Southern Style (Eskew Reeder's Eskerettes) / I Got the Blues (Eddie Bo) / Hound Dog Rock (The El'Der Rocks) / Don't You Want a Man Like Me (Willie West) / Bury Me Dead (Huey Smith) / Love Power (The Barons) / My Body Can't Take It (Johnny Rebb) / Well, I Done Got Over It (Bobby Mitchell) / Give Us A Drink Bartender (Edmond Souchon))

Night Train 1007



Professor Longhair

Byrd Lives! (2 CDs)

(Doin' It (live version 1) / Mess Around (live) / Mardi Gras in New Orleans / Gone So Long (live) / Whole Lotta Lovin' (live) / Everyday I Have the Blues (live) / Hey Little Girl (live) / How Long has that Train Been Gone (live) / Fess's Boogie (live) / Rum and Coca-Cola (live) / (Got My) Mojo Workin' (live version 1) / Bald Head (She Ain't Got No Hair) (live) / Go Ahead and Cry (live) / Jambalaya (live) / Her Mind is Gone (live) / Tipitina (live) / Junco Partner (live) / Big Chief (live) / Mardi Gras in New Orleans (live version 1) / Hey Now Baby (live) / I'm Movin' On (live) / Lucille (live) / It's My Own Fault (live) / In the Night (live) / Doin' It (live version 2) / (Got My) Mojo Workin' (live version 2) / Stanley's Jam (live))

Night Train 2002




I’m A Fool To Care : the complete recordings 1958-1977 (2 CDs)

(Greatest Moment of My Life / Heartbroken Love / I'm a Fool to Care / I Got a Feeling / Je Suis Bet Pour T'Aimer / Oh Teet Fille / Teardrops in My Heart / For You Sunshine / 'Til the End of the World / You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry / I Say! That's All Right / Any Ole Time / Come What May / Any Ole Time / Little Papoose / Why Did You Say Goodbye / Just Because / Little Jewel of the Vieux Carre / Is It Wrong / Four Leaf Clover / Loneliest Boy in Town / Big Mamou / Bouquet of Roses / You Belong to My Heart / Beg Your Pardon / Don't Close the Door / By the River, Pts. 1 – 2 / I Can't Do Without You / Can't Live Without You / Try Rock & Roll / Secret Love / Yonder Comes a Sucker / Yonder Comes a Sucker / Every Morning, Noon & Night / Heartbroken Love [Second Version] / You Call Everybody Darling / My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You / I'm Walking Behind You / Your Eyes / Red Wine / Today I Started Loving You Again/ California Bound / Ode to a Woman / Chantilly Lace / I'm Feeling Blue Again / Always / Today I Started Loving You Again [1977 Version] / Three's a Crowd / You're Why I'm So Lonely / Tomorrow Never Comes / Think It Over / Always Late (With Your Kisses) / I Almost Lost My Mind / It's a Sin to Tell a Lie / Cold, Cold Heart / The Prisoner's Song / If You Want Me to Go, I'll Go / I Let Happy Pass Me By / The Chokin' Kind / Baby, Ain't That Love)

Night Train 2003




United, Our Thing Will Stand (2 CDs)

(Let's Make A Better World (live) / So Swell When You're Well (live) / Life (live medley) / Ain't Nobody's Business (live medley) / Precious Lord (live medley) / Old Time Religion (live medley) / Just A Closer Walk With Thee (live medley) / The Saints (live medley) / Blues Minuet (live) / Don't Try To Be Your Brother's Killer (live) / Put Out The Light (live) / One Hell Of A Nerve (live) / Black Night (live) / Suspicious Blues (live medley) / Let's Get Right (live medley) / On The Sunny Side Of The Street (live medley) / Wandering (live) / Godfather Theme (live) / Come On To My House (live medley) / 1-2-3 (live) / Goin' Down Slow (live) / Jam For Poops (live) / Every Day I Have The Blues (live) / Sing A Happy Song (live) / Booker's Blues (live) / La Cucaracha (live medley) / Iko Iko (live medley) / St. James Infirmary (live medley) / Black Night (live medley) / Booker's Original Vamp (live) / Baby Face (live) / Since I Fell For You (live) / People Get Ready (live) / It Depends (live) / Everybody's Somebody's Fool (live) /10 Commandments For The Street Academy (live medley) / United, Our Thing Will Stand (live medley))

Night Train 2005




A Taste of Honey (2 CDs)

(Let Them Talk (Live) / A Taste Of Honey (Live Version 1) / Sunny Side of the Street (live) / Come Rain or Come Shine (live) / Classified (live) / Life (live Version 1) / Please Send Me Someone to Love (live Version 1) / Junko Partner (live Version 1) / Baby Won't You Please Come Home (live) / Papa Was a Rascal (live) / Tico Tico (live) / A Taste Of Honey (live Version 2) / St. James Infirmary (live) / Please Send Me Someone to Love (live Version 2) / Something (live) / Classified (live Version 2) / Junko Partner (live Version 2) / Classified (live version 3) / Sunny Side of the Street (live Version 2) / Come On In My House (live medley) / One Hell Of A Nerve (live medley) / Untitled Instrumental (live) / Besame Mucho (live) / I'm True (live) / Let Them Talk (live Version 2) / Tico Tico (live medley) / Papa Was a Rascal (live medley) / Please Send Me Someone to Love (live Version 3) / Life (live Version 2) / Make A Better World (live) / Junko Partner (live Version 3) / Goodnight Irene (live medley) / All By Myself (live medley) / Sunny Side of the Street (live medley))

Night Train 2006




Best of Drew Blan (2 CDs)
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(Hey La Bah (Jay Nelson) / Darling, Here is My Heart (Peter Buck) / Emma Lee (Jimmy Dale) / Oh, Yes (I Know You Don't Love Me No More) (Peter Buck & the Dondaleers) / My Babe (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Shoestring (The Vikings) / Don't You Remember Me (Jay Nelson) / Let My Lover Go (Peter Buck) / Give My Heart Back To Me (Skinny Dynamo) / I Love You So Much (Peter Buck & the Dondaleers) / Siboney (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Believe In Me (Charles Leman) / I Want You To Know (Peter Buck) / Do We Have The Right (Jerry Raines) / My Bonnie (Jay Nelson) / If I Ask You (Peter Buck) / Ham Sandwich Twist (take 1) (Wayne & the Velvet Tones) / Do You Take Me For A Fool (Gilbert Giroir) / The Clock (Peter Buck) / Can't Take No More (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Dearest Darling (Peter Buck) / Loan Me A Handkerchief (Earl King) / My Confession (Allen Orange) / So Deep (Peter Buck) / Love (All Because of You) (Allen Orange) / Down the Road (Charles Leman) / Baby Please (Jay Nelson) / That's Enough (Peter Buck) / Over the Waves (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Congratulations to You, Darling (Gilbert Giroir) / Don't You Lie to Me (Skinny Dynamo) / World of Misery (Peter Buck) / Love Me Now (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Crazy Over Daisy (Jay Nelson) / With Mustard Twist (Wayne & the Velvet Tones) / My Pride & Joy (Jimmy Dale) / Does She Love Me (Allen Orange) / Things Won't Be the Same (Jay Nelson) / Pledging My Love (Peter Buck) / Bye Bye Baby (Charles Leman) / Salute to Popeye (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Don't Let Me Cross Over (Peter Buck) / If You Had A Woman Like Mine (Drew-Blan All Stars) / Tell Me (What Do You Think of That) (Drew-Blan All Stars) / Driving Wheel (Drew-Blan All Stars) / I Can't Wait Any Longer (Earl King) / Shiek of Arabi (Peter Buck) / Let My Lover Go (Earl King) / All In My Mind (Peter Buck) / Leave Me Alone  (Allen Orange))

Night Train 2007




An Introduction To Night Train New Orleans (2 CDs)

(Living On Borrowed Time (Cousin Joe) / Dixieland Rock (Jerry Raines) / She's Taken My Part (Irma Thomas) / Be Bop (That's The Kick I'm On) (Snookum Russell) / Sweet Thing (Willie Tee) / Love Has Been Good (Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders) / I'm in a Loving Groove (Mary Jane Hooper) / Always Picking on Me (Reggie Hall) / Geraldine (Casanova & The Chants) / Three Quarter Stomp - part 2 (Preston Jackson & The Rhythm Aces) / Trial of Stagger Lee (Stella Johnson) / Mary Jane (Walter "Wolfman" Washington) / Little Jewel of the Vieux Carre (Joe Barry) / Popeye Joe (Ernie K-Doe) / Get On the Moon (Julian with Tasso and His Orchestra) / You're On My Mind (Roy Perkins) / Through Foolin' Around (Huey Smith) / I Done Got Over It (Bobby Mitchell And the Toppers) / Animule's Ball  (Edmond Souchon) / Everybody Dance (Lydia Marcelle) / Chinese Bandits (The Cheer Leaders) / Somebody New (Bobby Jay) / Que Pasa Amigo (Clem Tervalon) / Hammerhead (June Gardner) / Mist (James Black) / Crazy Feeling (J. C. Politz) / Jolie Fille (Gene Rodrigue) / Ape Man (Aaron Neville) / Roy's Har-Groove (Soul Rebels) / Skin (Soul Rebels) / Baby I Love You (Johnny Adams) / Love is a Losing Game (The Barons) / Never Going To Stop Loving You  (Fantoms) / Did You Heard What I Saw (Smokey and Matt) / The Roach (Alvin Thomas) / Crazy Over Daisy (Jay Nelson) / Soul Train (Curley Moore) / Willie Knows How (Willie West) / Here and There (Sax Kari & The Codes) / Johnny B. Goode (Al White & the Hi-Liters))

Night Train 2008




An Introduction To Night Train Keyboard Kings (2 CDs)

(Sunny Side of the Street (live) (James Booker) / Beale Street Popeye (James Booker) / Goin' Down Slow (live) (James Booker) / Junko Partner (Professor Longhair) / After Hours (live) (Professor Longhair) / Tuts' Tee Na Na (Tuts Washington) / Ham Sandwich Twist (take 1) (Wayne & the Velvet Tones) / St. Louis Blues (The Clem Tervalon Group) / Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick (Snookum Russell) / Timber (Eddie Bo & Candy Phillips) / Mardi Gras at the Boiler Room (Eddie Bo) / Southern Style (Eskew Reeder's Eskerettes) / Swivel Your Hips - part 1 (The Gaturs) / Behind The Wheel - part 1 (Huey Smith) / I Just Wonder (Eddie Bo) / Last Night (June Gardner) / Gatur Bait (The Gaturs) / Box Car Shorty And Peter Blue (Cousin Joe) / Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Ray Charles) / Googie's Boogie (Charles Brown) / Huggin' Bug (Charles Brown) / Blues Hangover (Lloyd Glenn) / Old Time Shuffle (Lloyd Glenn Combo) / Pete's Holiday Boogie (instrumental) (Pete Johnson) / Hot Biscuits (Jay McShann) / Savage Boy (Lloyd Glenn) / Chica Boo (Lloyd Glenn) / Of All Things (Paula Watson) / Googie's Woogie (Mabel Scott) / Dripper's Boogie (Joe Liggins) / Mr. Hootie (Jimmy Witherspoon) / Blazer's Boogie (Charles Brown) / Commercial Eyes (Lucky Thompson) /4th Of July Boogie (Gladys "Fatso" Bently) / Main Stem (Andre Previn))

Night Train 2009



Cousin Joe

THE COMPLETE Recordings 1945 – 1955 (3 CDs)

(Broken Man Blues / New Jailhouse Blues / Levee Blues / Layin, My Rules In Blues / Bad, Bad Baby Blues (Kicking Like A Kangaroo Blues / Bad, Bad Baby Blues (Kicking Like A Kangaroo Blues (take 2) / Post War Future Blues / Larceny Hearted Woman / Just Another Woman / My Love Comes Tumblin, Down / Wedding Day Blues / Desperate G.I. Blues / You Got It Comin, To You / Boogie Woogie Hannah / You Ain't So Such-A-Much / Fly Hen Blues / Lonesome Man Blues / Little Eva / Baby, You Don't Know It All / The Barefoot Boy / If I Just Keep Still / When Your Mother's Gone / When The Roll Be Called In Heaven / My Tight Woman / Lightning Struck The Poorhouse / Just As Soon As I Go Home / Phoney Woman Blues / Little Woman Blues / It's Dangerous To Be A Husband / Old Man Blues / Death House Blues / Too Tight To Walk Loose / Big Fat Mama / Come Down Baby / Bachelor's Blues / Don't Pay Me No Mind / Stoop To Conquer / Bad Luck Blues / Box Car Shorty And Peter Blue / Beggin, Woman / Sadie Brown / Evolution Blues / Box Car Shorty's Confession / Looking For My Baby / High-Powered Gal / Chicken A La Blues / Poor Man Blues / Living On Borrowed Time / Lovesick Soul / Second Hand Soul / Dinah / Won't Settle Down / Misery / A.B.C.'s - part 1 / A.B.C.'s - part 2 / How Long Must I Wait / Sleep Walking Woman / Easy Rockin' / Hole In The Ground / You'll Never Get Nothing Without Trying / Ramblin Woman / Feel Like A Million / Old Man's Sweetheart / I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus)

Night Train 3001




New orleans twist party

(Whole Lotta Twisting (Professor Longhair) / Everybody's Blowing - part 1 (Professor Longhair) / Everybody's Blowing - part 2 (Professor Longhair) / I Believe I'm Gonna Leave (Professor Longhair) / Always Picking on Me (Reggie Hall) / Work (Reggie Hall) / The Joke (Reggie Hall) / You Can Think What You Want (Reggie Hall) / You're the Only One (Eddie Bo) / You're with Me (Eddie Bo) / Let's Limbo  (Eddie Bo) / Mo-Jo (Eddie Bo) / Woman (Eddie Bo) / Temptation (Eddie Bo) / You Got the Nerve (Bobby Mitchell) / Walking in Circles (Bobby Mitchell))

Night Train 7018





(I Got the Blues / Mardi Gras at the Boiler Room / Eddie's Gospel / Havin' Fun in New Orleans / Boogie at the Boiler Room / Eddie's Ballad / Ticklin' the Blues / Eddie's Mood / Awesome / Eddie's Big Wheel)

Night Train 7025




the best of saffire
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(Mardi Gras Mambo (Jody Levens) / Jingle Bell Boogie (Jody Levens) / Geraldine (Casanova & The Chants) / I Know You (Casanova & The Chants) / Why Should I (The Flips) / Yes Ma'am Gladys DeVore () / Hound Dog Rock (The El'Der Rocks) / Back Room (The El'Der Rocks) / Crying the Blues (Billy Tircuit & The Moonbeams) / Teenage Baby (Billy Tircuit & The Moonbeams) / La Paloma (Tito Guizar) / Take Me in Your Arms (Tito Guizar) / Lazy Maisy (Tito Guizar) / Cienito Lindo (Tito Guizar) / Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick (Snookum Russell) / Basin Street Ain't Basin Street No More (Snookum Russell))

Night Train 7026




the best of HERMITAGE
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(I'm Still in Love With You (Alonzo Stewart) / I Get the Blues When It Rains (Alonzo Stewart & His Band) / Runnin' and Foolin' (Joe & Ann) / Eternity (Joe & Ann) / I Can't Help It (Joe & Ann) / Doubtful (Joe & Ann) / Southern Style (Eskew Reeder's Eskerettes) / Love is a Many Splendored Thing (Eskew Reeder's Eskerettes) / I Trusted In You (Willie B) / Why Does a Woman Treat A Man So Bad? (Sam Baker) / Little Mama (Sam Baker) / Rainin' and Stormin' (Sam Baker) / Keep Scratchin (Sam Baker) / A Little Piece At a Time (Good Jelly Bess) / Come and Get It (Good Jelly Bess) / Three Quarter Stomp - part 1 (Preston Jackson & The Rhythm Aces) / Three Quarter Stomp - part 2 (Preston Jackson & The Rhythm Aces) / Let the World End Tomorrow (Henry Moore) / Sweet Little Angel (Sam Baker) / Tossin' and Turnin' (Sam Baker))

Night Train 7044





(Crazy Green Lizard (Billy Tircuit) / Hurry Hurry (Calvin "Hound Dog" Ruffin) / Trial of Stagger Lee (Stella Johnson) / That's What I'm Gonna Do (Stella Johnson) / Don't Make No Noise (Chris Kenner) / Right Kind of Girl (Chris Kenner) / O Baby Please (Earl Williams) / You Ain't Puttin' out Nuthin' but the Lights (Earl Williams) / Hate to Say Goodbye (Ricky Jones) / You Know It's True (Ricky Jones) / Sittin' Here Cryin' (Byron Gipson) / Uncle John (Byron Gipson) / El Rancho Grande (Al Reed) / Top Notch Grade A (Al Reed) / Face the Facts (Billy Tircuit) / My Little Home on the Range (Calvin "Hound Dog" Ruffin) / I'm Gonna Miss You (Calvin "Hound Dog" Ruffin) / Just Rockin' (Paul Gayten & All-Stars) / Comfort in My Heart (Bea Booker) / It Must Be Love (Big Al Downing) / When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold (Big Al Downing) / Junco Returns (James Wayne & Larry Evans) / Get on the Moon (Mel Lastie Band))

Night Train 7045




the best of SCRAM
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(Mary Jane (Walter "Wolfman" Washington) / What Have I Done (Errol Chandler) / Lonely Place (Errol Chandler) / Goody Man (Walter "Wolfman" Washington) / I Wonder (Sonny Jones) / Seven Days (Sonny Jones) / Back in Mother's Arms (Curly Moore) / Remember When (Mary Jane Hooper) / Not Just You (Curly Moore) / Time Out (Richie Matta) / So Glad I Found You (The Jades) / I've Got Love for My Baby (The Jades) / For Once in My Life (The Jades) / Compromise (The Scram Band) / There's Nothing I Can Do (The Jades) / What A Fool I've Been (The Jades) / Let's Start All Over (Benny Spellman))

Night Train 7046




new orleans popeye party

(Check Mr. Popeye (Eddie Bo) / Private Eye (Wallace Johnson) / Little Jewel of the Vieux Carre (Joe Barry) / Little Papoose (Joe Barry) / Why Do You Look at Me? (The Medallions) / You Talk Too Much (Frankie Ford) / Always Accused (Willie Tee) / Talk About You (Jimmy Jules) / Take It Like It Comes (Jimmy Jules) / Sorry 'Bout That (Al Reed) / Runnin' and Foolin' (Joe & Ann) / Popeye Joe (Ernie K-Doe) / That's Where It's At (Blazer Boy (George Stevenson)) / She's So Fine (Big Boy Myles) / The Girl From Kooka Monga (Tommy Ridgley) / Mama Ka Toka Laka Poo Poo Ya (Alex Spearman) / You Think You're So Smart (James Easterling with The Blue Notes) / Sweeter Than Sugar (And Twice As Nice) (Joe Valentine) / I'm Goin' Home (Betty Taylor) / Tarzan (Lee Tillmam) / Popeye  (Huey Smith) / Little Willie (Berna Dean) / Whip-O-Will (Barbara George))

Night Train 7075




new orleans senior prom

(Being As You're Acting So Smart (Julian with Tasso and His Orchestra) / Get On the Moon (Julian with Tasso and His Orchestra) / Red Beans & Rice (Scan Man Patin and the Ram Rods) / Ginning (Scan Man Patin and the Ram Rods) / Sake Wa Dukie (The Scotchtones) / Do You Have the Right (The Scotchtones) / Last Chance (Collay and the Satellites) / Come On and Love Me  (The Chevies with Wayne Johnson) / I Love That Girl So (The Chevies with Edward Nicholson) / Clarabel (Vince Anthony and the Bluenotes) / Defeated (Joe Carl and The Dukes of Rhythm) / Don't Leave Me Alone (Joe Carl and The Dukes of Rhythm) / Bells in My Heart (Chuck Como) / Teardrops on My Pillow (Chuck Como) / Haunted Blues (Fats Fitzgerald and The Playboys) / Cornbread Blues (Fats Fitzgerald and The Playboys) / I'm Not A Know it All (Chuck Como) / I Followed A Dream (Chuck Como) / Youngster Meets Monster (Danny Zellas Rockers) / Little Girl Next Door (Collay and the Satellites) / I Got You (Milson Luce) / Zebra (Danny Zellas Rockers) / Don't Break Your Promise to Me (Milson Luce))

Night Train 7076




the best of meladee
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(What's It All About? (Little Leo) / Handwriting on the Wall (Little Leo) / Bye Bye Baby (Roy Perkins) / You're On My Mind (Roy Perkins) / Teenie Weenie Bee (Little Leo) / Ba Da Ba Da (Roy Perkins) / Drop Top (Roy Perkins) / Daddy O Rock (Jeff Daniels) / Hey Woman (Jeff Daniels) / Switch Blade Sam (Jeff Daniels) / Please Be True (Roy Perkins) / That's What the Mailman Had to Say (Roy Perkins) / Come Back Baby (Daywood Penny) / You're Still On My Mind (Jeff Daniels) / I Cried (Little Leo))

Night Train 7077



huey "piano" smith &
his clowns

Snag-A-Tooth Jeanie

(Sassy Sara / Why Did I Do (Wa-Do-Do) / Somebody Told It / More Girls / Psycho / The Little Moron / I Didn't Do It / Behind The Wheel - part 1 / Behind The Wheel - part 2 / Heart Trouble - part 1 / Snag A Tooth Jeanie / The Hill Ain't Far / Able Mabel / I Don't Play Like That / Through Foolin' Around – part 1 / Through Foolin' Around - part 2 / Bury Me Dead / Baby You Hurt Me)

Night Train 7078



bobby mitchell &
the toppers

I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday

(I'm Crying / Rack 'Em Back / 4X11=44 / The Wedding Bells Are Ringing / Meant for Me / One Friday Morning / Baby's Gone / Sister Lucy / I Love to Hold You / I'm Gonna be a Wheel Someday / Try Rock & Roll / 64 Hours / I've Crossed My Fingers / I Try So Hard / Walking in Circles / Well, I Done Got Over It / I Don't Want to Be a Wheel No More / Just Say You Love Me)

Night Train 7079



Doc Souchon

Recalls Early New Orleans Minstrel Days And Blues

(Give Us A Drink Bartender / Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out / Sweet Baby Doll / Buckwheat Cakes / Mariuch, She Make Da Hoochie Ma Cooch / You Cooked Your Goose With Me / Deacon, Deacon, Deacon / Play that Barber Shop Chord / E-Blues / She Keeps It Up All the Time / Oh, How She Dances / Cookie / Animule's Ball / That Was All We Saw / Ella Speed Blues)

Night Train 7080



james booker

Gonzo: More Than All His 45s (publié également en LP)

(Doing the Hambone / Thinking 'Bout My Baby / You're Near Me / Heavenly Angel / Teenage Rock / Gonzo / Cool Turkey / Smacksie / Kinda Happy / Tubby - part 1 / Tubby / Cross My Heart / Big Nick / Beale Street Popeye / Memphis Twist / The Duck / The Crown)


La pochette du LP est différente de celle du CD

Night Train 7084 Night Train 7084 LP




New Orleans Soul A Go – Go

(You Were Made For Me (George & Lee) / Everybody Dance (Lydia Marcelle) / Timber (Eddie Bo & Candy Phillips) / Call the Sheriff (Senator Jones) / Our Love Will Never Falter (Eddie Bo) / Baby Baby Baby (Joyce Harris) / My Babe (Art Neville) / Once Upon a Time (Oliver Morgan) / Stay In My Heart (Elliot Small) / Girls Were Made for Love (Elliot Small) / Good Things (Toni Washington) / Pretty Little Mama (Tommy Ridgley) / Humphrey's Stomp (Earl Harrison) / Crazy Stomp (Li'l Willie & the Rockin' Imperals) / I Want to Know (Merle Spears & The Treats) / You Need Education (Charles Smith) / Thread the Needle (Al White & the Hi-Liters) / Locked Up (Sammy Ridgley) / Stay in Bed (Bobby Powell) / This Stuff Just Kills Me (L. Ruffin) / Miniskirt Dance (Senator Jones) / I Miss You  (Bonnie & Shelia) / Barefootin'  (The Rhythm Kings With Lee Foret))

Night Train 7085




the best of spinett
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(Chinese Bandits (The Cheer Leaders) / True Love (The Cheer Leaders) / Lumumba (Snuffy Smith) / Angola (Snuffy Smith) / Come On Home (Louis Hayward) / I Want a Job (Louis Hayward) / My Baby's Gone (Roland Stone) / Preacher's Daughter (Roland Stone) / The Devil in Your Heart (Stormy) / Fool's Paradise (Stormy) / One More Time (Bobby Lonero) / Wham Bam (Bobby Lonero) / Laughing To Keep From Crying (Johnny Meyers) / The Things The Gypsy Told (Johnny Meyers) / Sinkin' the Robert E. Lee (The Three Stooges) / You Are My Girl (The Three Stooges) / Little Brother Tom (Bobby Lonero) / No More Money (Bobby Lonero))

Night Train 7086



bobby jay

nobody’s child

(So Lonely / Sweet Little Stranger / Because of You / You're Gonna Cry / Red Sails in the Sunset / Tell Me Now / Somebody New / I'm Goin' Home / Gee Baby / Nobody's Child / Whoever Heard of a Love Like This? / Spoon Me Up Your Honey / Searching For the High Road / While I Can / The Fool / Born To Lose / Build Me a Statue / Another Day Another Heartache)

Night Train 7087



clem tervalon


(Tailgate Ramble / Eh La Bas / High Society / Muskrat Ramble / Streets of the City / Tin Roof Blues / Chinatown / Sister Kate / Just A Little While / That's A Plenty / St. Louis Blues / Que Pasa Amigo / Bourbon Street Parade / Clem's Second Line / Birth of the Blues / Swanee River / When the Saints Go Marching In)

Night Train 7088



jerry raines

dangerous red head

(Dangerous Redhead / Our Teenage Love / No More / Has Been / I hear you knockin' / Tell Me / Dixieland Rock / Darkest Night / Wild Congo / Dearest Darling Josephine / Barefoot Rock / Do We Have The Right / Hello Sweetie Pie / If You Look At Me You'll Cry / I've Got Only Memories (To Keep Me Warm) / The Woman You Accuse Me Of / Meddlin' Woman / World Of Misery / Dirty Rotten Mother Fuyer / I'm Gonna Leave / What Have I Done / Crazy Over You / Keep That Lovelight Burning / I Just Want Out / Have I Stayed Away Too Long / In your world of just pretend / You Are My Only One / Just Another Fool)

Night Train 7089




new orleans’ deep roots – 50 years of remarkable music

(Good Jax Boogie (Dave Bartholomew) / Mardi Gras Mambo (Jody Levens) / Basin Street Ain't Basin Street No More (Snookum Russell) / Junco Partner (live) (Professor Longhair) / Chinese Bandits (The Three Stooges featuring Frankie Ford & Jerry Byrne) / It Ain't My Fault (Smokey Johnson) / Concentrate (The Gaturs) / Little Jewel of the Vieux Carre (Joe Barry) / Brighter Day (Soul Rebels) / Clem's Second Line (Clem Tervalon) / My Babe (Art Neville) / Sissy Walk (Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders) / When the Saints Go Marching In (Tuts Washington) / Crazy Green Lizard (Billy Tircuit) / Teach Me Mary Jane Hooper () / I'm Goin' Home (Bobby Jay))

Night Train 7099



tuts washington

live at tipitina’s

(Miss Lucy's Blues / Honky Tonk / Tuts Washington's Blues / Stardust / When the Saints Go Marching In / Yancey Special / Gravel Road Blues / How High the Moon / Corrine Corrina / Flood Water Blues / Tuts' Rag / Blue Moon / Someone to Watch Over Me / Sweet Georgia Brown / Pool Hall Blues / Tuts' Tee Na Na / Poydras Street / Sweet Georgia Brown (Reprise) / After Hours)

Night Train 7101



june gardner

99 plus one (publié également en LP)

(99 Plus One / Last Night / Hammerhead / One Mint Julep / Hot Seat / Mustard Greens / It's Gonna Rain / Later Baby / Hang On Sloopy / Yesterday / The Joker / Tennessee Waltz / The Jolly Little Midget)

Night Train 7103



smokey johnson

it ain’t my fault (publié également en LP)

(It Ain't My Fault / I Can't Help It - parts 1 & 2 / Did You Heard What I Saw / The Funky Moon / Tippin' Lightly / Whip It / Dirty Red / Smokestack / Bullseye / It Ain't My Fault (Live))

Night Train 7104



james black

(i need) altitude (publié également en LP)

(Mist / Psychedelphia / Tune #6 / That Certain Someone / Mr. Gris Gris Man / Lonely Lonely Road ('70s version) / (I Need) Altitude ('70s version) / There's A Storm in the Gulf ('70s version) / Vlas Va / Betcha By Golly Wow / Kickin' / Jasmine / (I Need) Altitude ('80s version) / There's A Storm in the Gulf ('80s version) / Lonely Lonely Road ('80s version))


La pochette du LP est différente de celle du CD

Night Train 7105 Night Train 7105 LP



professor longhair

ball the wall! live at tipitina’s 1978

(Live at Tipitina’s: March 10, 1978: Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Previously Unreleased Alternate Take) / Rum and Coca-Cola / I've Got My Mojo Working / Gone So Long / Whole Lotta Lovin' / After Hours / Ball the Wall aka 501 Boogie / Medley: Good Rockin' Tonight - Shake Rattle & Roll - Sick & Tired - Roberta / Bald Head (She Ain't Got No Hair) / Hey Little Girl / Stack-O-Lee / Go Ahead and Cry / Her Mind is Gone / Don't You Feel Like Crying /
Live at Tipitina’s: Solo Piano: Gone So Long / Mess Around / Tipitina)

Night Train 7106



robert parker

the wardell quezergue sessions   (publié également en LP)

(Barefootin' / Let's Go Baby (Where the Action Is) / Mr. Pitiful / I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) / Soul Kind of Loving / C.C. Rider / The Scratch / Happy Feet / In the Midnight Hour / Directly From My Heart / Heading for A Fall / I Can't Help Myself / Tip Toe / Secret Service / Yak Yak Yak / Everybody's Hip Huggin / Foxy Mama / Holdin' Out / I Caught You in a Lie / Barefootin' Boogaloo / Soul Sister / Bow Legs / Boss Lovin' / Funky Soul Train)

Night Train 7107




the best of rustone
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(Sake Wa Dukie (The Scotchtones) / Do You Have the Right (The Scotchtones) / Did You Have Fun Willie West () / A Man Like Me (Willie West) / Hit the Road (Emmet & The Jades) / They Tell Me (Emmet & The Jades) / No One (Emmet & The Jades) / Blowin' the Rock (Emmet & The Jades) / It's No Use to Try (Willie West) / Willie Knows How (Willie West) / You're Gonna Cry (Bobby Jay) / Because of You (Bobby Jay) / The Nearness of You (Emmet & The Jades) / Change of Plan (Emmet & The Jades) / Why Can't I Cry (Jack & The Rippers) / Someone to Love (Jack & The Rippers))

Night Train 7115



george perkins

cryin’ in the streets

(Cryin' In the Streets / No Need for A Black Man to Cry / I Want to Be Free / How Can A Broke Man Survive / Groove Making / A Man in Love / When You Try to Use A Good Man / Baby You Saved Me / How Sweet It Would Be / Keep On Loving Me / Baby I Love You / Keep On Trying / What the Deal Is / Dance, Dance, Dance / Cryin' In the Streets / Be Proud -parts 1 & 2 / You've Been Good to Me / Give It to Me / I Never Had It So Good / Cryin' in Iran / Keep On Trying / (Crying for A) Helping Hand - Parts 1 & 2)

Night Train 7130



sax kari

Fumigate Funky Broadway (publié également en LP)

(Key to Your Door / Fumigate Funky Broadway / Wind the Clock / The Twitch / The Grapevine Can't Tell You / Two Fools / Everybody Dance / Ludwig / Baby I Love You / He's My Man / Farewell Annabell / Anna Mae / I'll Love You (If You Let Me) / He Created Woman / For You / A Thing You Gotta Face / Aint Broke, Ain't Hungry / How Can I Reach You / How Come, How Come / Spanish Drums / Siesta / Just Friends / Come To Me / Title Love Song / You Ask Me / You Can't Be Still / April in Paris / Here and There / Everybody Dance)

Night Train 7131



willie tee

teasin’ you (publié également en LP)

(Teasin' You / Walking Up A One Way Street / Dedicated to You / Thank You John / I Want Somebody (to Show Me the Way Back Home) / You Better Say Yes / Please Don't Go / My Heart Remembers / I Heard Everything You Said / Ain't That True Baby / You Gonna Pay Some Dues / Foolish Girl / I Peeped Your Hole Card / She Really Did Surprise Me / Man That I Am / Teasing You Again / Your Love and My Love Together / I'm Having So Much Fun / Swivel Your Hips - parts 1 & 2 / Close Your Eyes (live))

Night Train 7132



the marvels

Don't Pony with Tony, Do the U-T with The Marvels

(The U-T / What's the Use / You Are My Sunshine / How Do You Tell A Heartache Goodbye / Bumpity Bump / Collaboration / My Gal's a Lover / You Got Me Spinnin' / What A Fool I Was / I Don't Want 'Cha / Charleston in the USA / Come On Let's Hully Gully / Stomping Everywhere / Strollin' My Baby Back Home / Do the Slop / Crazy 'Bout the UT / The Continental Twist / Doin' Everything / Don't Pony with Tony / Gonna Do the Fish / Get Down Off Your High Horse / Some Day You'll Will / Everybody Ought To Love Someone / Let's Squeak A While / Funky Jam)

Night Train 7137



joe barry

Been Down That Muddy Road

(Every Breath You Take / Backstreets of Houston / Cajun King / A Smoke-Filled Barroom / Louisiana Moon / Muddy Road / Tchoupitoulas Road / Back to New Orleans / Watching Raindrops / Hey La La / Rollin Bones / Handle with Care / Freedom Express / Every Breath You Take (French Version) / So Long)

Night Train 7140




There's Got to Be A Girl: the best of chase – vol. 1
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(There's Got To Be A Girl (Mike Ancona and the Jokers) / To Tease and Please (Mike Ancone & The Jokers) / I Won't Share Your Love (The Aubry Twins) / I Go Walking (The Fabuliers) / The Night Belongs To You (The Fabuliers) / Bound For Love (Mike Ancona and the Jokers) / Tides of Time (Mike Ancona and The Jokers) / Time Out for Love (Chris Miller & The Soul Brothers) / True Fine Mama (Dow Jones) / Rip It Up (Dow Jones) / Hip-Ity Hop ((The 13 Year Old) Aubrey Twins) / Take Me Home With You ((The 13 Year Old) Aubrey Twins) / There'll Come A Day (Mike Ancona & The Jokers) / To Say I Love You (Mike Ancona & The Jokers) / There's Something Special Bout My Baby (The Aubry Twins) / Hoot Hoot Night Owl (The Aubry Twins) / Cuttin Out (The Pirates) / Naughty Girl (The Pirates) / Susie Q (Aubry Twins) / Oh Baby Mine (Aubry Twins) / Lets Get A Little Thing Going (Chris Miller & The Soul Brothers) / Look At Me (Chris Miller & The Soul Brothers) / Big Boy Pete (The Pirates) / Little Boy Sad (The Pirates) / Diagnosis-Neurosis (Their Singing Bodies) / You Gotta Feel It (Their Singing Bodies) / Shy One (The Aubry Twins))

Night Train 7141




gotta have love: the best of chase – vol. 2
Series: Legendary Labels of Louisiana

(Haven't I Been Good To You (Deacon John) / A Dollar Ninety Eight (Deacon John) / She's a Big Girl Now (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / Hey Girl (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / What Am I Gonna Do with You (Their Singing Bodies) / Maybe Baby (Their Singing Bodies) / Tell Me Where Love Goes (Paul Varisco) / Sweet Lorraine (Paul Varisco) / Poor Boy (The Aubry Twins) / Give It Up (The Aubry Twins) / Sugar Woman (The Chitlins) / Next Time You See Me (The Chitlins) / Heart of Stone (Paul Varisco) / I Wanna Be Free (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / What Is Love? (The Aubry Twins) / Love Without End Amen (The Aubry Twins) / Gotta Have Love (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / Look Around You People (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / When The Lights Go Out (The Aubry Twins) / I Can't See Nobody (The Aubry Twins) / Negative Forces (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / Divorce for a Wedding Present (Paul Varisco & The Milestones) / You Don't Know How To Turn Me On (Deacon John) / Many Rivers To Cross (Deacon John))

Night Train 7142




Wardell Quezerque:
Don't Be No Square, Get Hip to Quezerque
A wardell quezergue retrospective

(I'm A Devil (Elliott Small) / I Followed A Dream (Chuck Como) / I'm Broke (Wardell & the Sultans) / Barefootin' Boogaloo (Robert Parker) / Every Day Every Hour (Warren (Lee) Taylor) / Love School (Denise Keeble) / Full Time Woman (Irma Thomas) / Symphony For The Broken-Hearted (The Bates Sisters) / Work (Reggie Hall) / Prayer from A Twelve Year Old Boy (Raymond Myles) / I've Learned My Lesson (Donald Lee Richardson) / Dirty Red (Smokey Johnson) / Pretty Oakland Woman (Joe Wilson) / Humphrey's Stomp (Earl Harrison) / Summer is Here (Tommy Val) / Why Do You Look at Me? (The Medallions) / You Need Me (Joe Wilson) / Walking Up A One Way Street (Willie Tee) / Hot Seat (June Gardner) / Society Don't Let Us Down (The Barons) / Tall People (Jim Cotton) / Everything Will Turn Out Right (Edward Jones) / Believe What I Say (Charlene P.M.))

Night Train 7146



the prime ministers

Read 'Em and Weep: Live Recordings 1965

(Hot Cha (version 1) / One Naughty Flat / Sack-O-Woe / Cellar Groove / Time / Sweet Eyes / Watermelon Man / How Do You Feel / The Peeper / The Story / What a Difference a Day Made / Read ‘Em & Weep / Hot Cha (version 2))

Night Train 7148



George Porter's Joy Ride

Searching for A Joy Ride (publié également en LP)

(Money Money / Got to Find A Way / Da Boys from Across the Tracks / Mardi Gras in New Orleans / The Sound Doctor / Everybody's Searching (For A Joy Ride) / Can You See Me Now / Always Dreaming / Sunshine In My Night / I Get High / Happy Song / Mardi Gras in New Orleans / Sam's Dream)

Night Train 7151



various artists

new orleans will rise again

(There's A Storm in the Gulf (James Black & Sister Mary) / Mardi Gras Party (Carl Marshall and Sound Dimension) / Black Blood (in the Mississippi Mud) (Black Blood and the Chocolate Pickles) / The Thing (?) / Forever More (Aaron Neville) / Basin Street Ain't Basin Street No More (Snookum Russell) / Prayer from A Twelve Year Old Boy (Raymond Myles) / Searching For the High Road (Bobby Jay) / We're Gonna Make It (Trick Bag) / Mama Ka Toka Laka Poo Poo Ya (Alex Spearman) / I'm Never Gonna Break His Rules Again (Guitar Ray) / My Mother-In-Law (Is In My Hair Again) (Ernie K-Doe) / Dedicated to Professor Longhair (Jesse Hill) / The Things The Gypsy Told (Johnny Meyers) / Something You Got (Lee Bates) /(Crying for A) Helping Hand - Parts 1 & 2 (George Perkins) / Give Us A Drink Bartender (Edmond Souchon) / All These Things (Sax Kari) / The Monkey that Became President - part 1 (Brotherhood) / Every Breath You Take (French Version) (Joe Barry) / Shoo Fly (Reggie Hall) / Dirty Rotten Mother Fuyer (Jerry Raines))

Night Train 7152



cousin joe

I Never Harmed An Onion

(Stagger Lee / Juice on the Loose / I Never Harmed An Onion / Railroad Avenue / How Come My Dog Don't Bark / Touch Me / The Blues Ain't Nothin' / Get It / You Won the Battle / Let Your Light Shine / I Don't Mind Dyin' / Brown Skinned Woman / Hard Work / What a Tragedy / I Had To Stoop To Conquer You / In and Out of Love / Little Low Mama / Don't Let Your Head Start Nothin' / Big Fat Mama / Revenge Is So Sweet / Hard Times / That's What Love Is All About)

Night Train 7159



Lenny LaCour

Walkin' the Bullfrog

(Rock N' Roll Romance (78 version) / Jungle Rock / Rock N' Roll Romance (45 version) / Rockin' Rosalie / Old Fish / Lonely Street / Flamingo Girl / No Privacy / Twinkle Toes / Have I stayed Away Too Long / It Stopped Raining In My Heart / Rock N' Roll Romance / Mean & Evil / Maharishi / Walkin' The Bullfrog / Rockin' Rosalie vs. Disco Bill / Bamboo Walls / Elvis Image / Will I (Will I Ever) / Devil's Music / Ol' Blue Eyes / Listen To The King / Everybody Wants to Fly / The Worm / Binte Jua)

Night Train 7160




(réédition du LP Great Southern 11021 de 1988)

(I Go To The Rock / Bringing In The Sheaves / Sign Me Up / I Know My Redeemer Lives / Miracle / His Eyes Is On The Sparrow / Strange / Beams Of Heaven)