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earl king

Those Lonely, Lonely Nights

(Those Lonely, Lonely Night / Little Girl / My Love Is Strong / I'll Take You Back Home / It Must Have Been Love / You Can Fly High / Those Lonely Lonely Feelings / Well'O Well'O Well'O Baby / I'll Never Get Tired / Weary Silent Night / Everybody's Carried Away / Everybody Get To Cry)



various artists

ace of new orleans sound

(I'll Keep On Trying (Eddie Bo) / I Love To Rock 'N' Roll (Eddie Bo) /  Looped (Joe Dyson) / Don't Take Your Love From Me (Bobby Marchan) / I'll Never Let You Go (Bobby Marchan) / I Cried (Sugar Boy Crawford) / Baby Say You Will (Jesse Allen) / Goodbye Blues (Jesse Allen) / Shed So Many Tears (Elton Anderson) / Roll On Train / (Elton Anderson) / Just For You And I (The Supremes) / Don't Leave Me Here To Cry (The Supremes))



Eddie Giles


(Are You Living With The One You Are Loving With / Married Lady / It Takes Me All Night / Swearing Out A Want / How Many Times / Baby I Care / Baby Be Mine / Losin' Boy / There Must Be A Place / I Can't Get Over You / Soul Bag / You're My Sweet Inspiration)



various artists

SPECIALTY Rhythm And Blues Story - Vol. 1

(LP 1: Pickin'and Rollin': Nobody Treats Me Right (Smokey Hogg) / I'm Through With You (Smokey Hogg) / I'm Through With You (Lester Williams) / Tryin' To Forget (Lester Williams) / Lost Gal (Lester Williams) / Sweet Lovin' Daddy (Lester Williams) / Just Got To Make It (Neal Johnson) / True To You Baby (Neal Johnson) / Cold Love (Little Temple(Gus Genkins)) / I Ate The Wrong Part (Little Temple(Gus Genkins)) / Please Don’t Go (Floyd Dixon) / Old Memories (Floyd Dixon) / Hole In The Wall (Floyd Dixon) / Nose Trouble (Floyd Dixon) / Ooh-Eee!Ooh-Eee! (Floyd Dixon) / Say Baby (Willie Johnson) /
LP 2: Jumpin' And Driftin': Rockin' Boogie (Joe Lutcher) / Mellow Gal Blues (King Perry) / Everything's Gonna Be All Right Tonight (King Perry) / Blue And Lonesome (King Perry) / Natural Born Lover (King Perry) / Day & Night Blues (King Perry) / Old Man’s Blues (Marvin Phillips) / Wine-Woogie (Marvin Phillips) / The Big Question (Percy Mayfield) / The Hunt Is On (Percy Mayfield) / The River's Invitation (Percy Mayfield) / I Don’t Know Why (Kenzie Moore) / Let It Lay (Kenzie Moore) / I'm Beggin' You Baby (Kenzie Moore) / My Baby's Gone Again (Kenzie Moore)  /It Ain't Nothin' But A Dream (Kenzie Moore)



various artists

SPECIALTY Rhythm And Blues Story - Vol. 2

(LP 1: Rhythm & Blues From New Orleans To L.A.: Eternity (Ernest Kador) / Do,Baby Do (Ernest Kador) / The One I Love (Byron "Slick" Gibson) / Honey-Dew (Byron "Slick" Gibson) / Footloose & Fancy Free (Byron "Slick" Gibson) / Etta Mae (Byron "Slick" Gibson) / Rich Woman (Li'l Millet) / Hopeless Love (Li'l Millet) / Confusin’ Blues (Jesse Belvin) / Gone (Jesse Belvin) /Love,Love Of My Life (Jesse Belvin) / Daddy Loves Baby (Jesse & Marvin) / Baby Don't Want Me (Sonny Night) / Keep Walkin' (Sonny Night) / Someone Kind (Buddy Ace) / Oh Why (Buddy Ace) /
LP 2: Rockin' And Soulin': Who's Been Fooling You (Big Boy Myles) / That Girl I Married (Big Boy Myles) / Hickory Dickory Dock (Big Boy Myles) / Ooh-Whee Baby (Art Neville) / The Whiffenpoof Song (Art Neville) / Zing Zing (Art Neville) / Haunted House (Johnny Fuller) / Our Romance (Clydie King) / Lovable (Sam Cooke) / Forever (Sam Cooke) / I'll Come Running Back To You (Sam Cooke) / I Don't Want To Cry (Sam Cooke) / That's All I Need To Know (Sam Cooke) / Ain't That Soul (Teddy Reynolds) / 3 Or 4 Puppies (Teddy Reynolds) / Shake It On Up (Sims Twins)



ronnie barron

blue delicacies

(Réédition de l’album Sunshine de 1979)

(Trick Bag / Worried Life Blues / Big Chief / Singing In My Soul / Doing Something Wrong / Lights Out / Hey Now Baby / Happy Tears / Pink Chanpagne / River's Invitation)


Dead Ball Records DB2-2506

barbara lynn

we got a good thing goin’

Recorded Live In Japan 84

(LP 1: Second Fiddle Girl / Oh Baby/Hear I Am / I'm Sorry I Met You / Until Then I'll Suffer / You're Losing Me / New Way Of Loving You / Letter To Mommy And Daddy / Sweet Sixteen /
LP 2: You'll Lose A Good Thing / I'm In Love / Laura's Wedding / Give Me A Break / You Don't Have To Go / So Good / Come Back Love)



(Réédité en CD (ref. VSCD-3044)

sous le titre Live In Japan!)


Dead Ball Records DB-2508

mighty sam mcclain featuring

wayne bennett

live in japan

(Every Day I Have The Blues / Sweet Dreams / Talk To Me,Talk To Me / Fannie May / Why / Your Perfect Companion / In The Same Old Way / Pray / A Change Is Gonna Come / Whatever It Takes / Forgive And Forget / Dancin' To The Music Of Love / This Time I'm Gone For Good / I Just Came To Get My Baby (Out Of Jail) / The Blues Is Alright)



LP 10"


guitar slim

Guitar Slim
(Later For You Baby / Twenty-Five Lies / Stand By Me / You're Gonna Miss Me / Quicksand / Think It Over / Somethin' To Remenber You Bay / You Give Me Nothin' But The Blues)



earl king

Earl King
(A Mother's Love / I'm Your Best Bst,Baby / No One But Me / Eating And Sleeping / Sittin' And Wonderin' / Funny Face / 'Til I Say Well Done / What Can I Do)



lloyd price

lloyd price

(Restless Heart / Ain't It A Shame / What's The Matter Now / Baby, Don't Turn Your Back On Me / Walkin' The Track / Ooo-EE Baby / Lord, Lord, Amen / Tryin' To Find Someone To Love / Rock'N'Roll Dance / Forgive Me, Clawdy / I'm Glad, Glad)



don & dewey

larry williams

Don & Dewey Vs Larry Williams

(Don & Dewey : A Little Love / Just A Little Lovin' / Bim Bam / Annie Lee / Get Your Hat /
Larry Wiliams:  Slow Down / Just Because / Bad Boy / She Said "Yeah" / Let Me Tell You Baby / High School Dance)